Xtreme Hobby's Warranty & Policy's:


Xtreme Hobby does not accept returns of electronic hobby items. All sales are final. Xtreme Hobby will warrant any D.O.A. items by sending out free replacment parts to solve the problem or allow for a return and exchange and or refund if sending out parts is not possible.

Privacy Policy:

Xtreme Hobby never shares or sells your information. For your safety our online order pages are secure.

Order Cancellation Policy:

Before completing your purchase, please confirm that you have selected the correct item(s), color(s), accessories, etc. Due to the high volume of orders we receive and the speed at which we process these orders, once an order is placed it is generally processed & shipped immediately therefore we have a NO cancellation policy after an order has been placed, although if you contact us immediately we will do our best to pull your order before it ships.

Lifetime Technical Support:

Lifetime technical support is provided to each customer that purchases an Xtreme Hobby product. To access our technical support department click on this link to open a support ticket. After a support ticket has been opened an Xtreme Hobby technician will respond to your ticket and an e-mail will be sent to you. If you would like to speak to a technician by phone, include your phone number on the ticket and ask the technician to contact you. Tickets are answered in the order received. Your initial posting puts you in line for the next technician to assist you. Should you post to your ticket before a technician responds, you will move your ticket to the bottom of the list so to ensure a quick reply, do not to post again until a tech replies to you.

Payment Types Accepted:

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We also accept credit card payments through PayPal. Your credit card statements will show a charge from A.C.G. Imports, LLC.


Xtreme Hobby Manufacturers & Wholesale Distributors is not responsible for the proper or improper use of merchandise sold. We care about our customers and urge you to exercise caution and take necessary safety measures to protect yourself while engaging in operating RC products. Xtreme Hobby encourages, begs, and asks that you engage safely and use caution when flying or driving remote control items and use special attention while flying aircraft around people. Never operate an RC boat around people that are in the water. A fast moving boat can do serious bodily harm to a person in the water should be become struck by your vehicle. It is generally illegal to operate an RC boat when people are in the water, so to be safe, just don't do it.


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